Welcome to our graffiti wall, which doesn’t confine us to just making something really clean and proper like a corporate website. Here, we show chunks of our works, and sometimes little extras too. Please write to us if you have any comments or things to say about us and the wall, we hope you enjoy.

See see. Look look.

We randomly display 3 to 5 of our works here. We conceptualise and design for many things. Our clients come from many industries such as the arts, education, theatre, and many more. Please write to us if you have any questions about the work we do, or if you'll like to work together on a project.

Octoburst Questionnaires

Questionnaire booklet conceptualised and designed for research specialist BDMi, in conjunction with Esplanade’s event “Octoburst”. Notice the link between the pages, yet retaining the uniqueness in each spread.

Goh Toh Chai In Concert 2006

We were very happy to have been part of Zechariah Music’s ‘Goh Toh Chai In Concert 2006’

H+M was asked to create items for the event which included a poster-flyer and the concert programme.

Dim Sum Dollies

A series of publicity material created for the re-run of Dim Sum Dollies in The History of Singapore, presented by Dream Academy. One of the best-est show in Singa-Land.

This is a self initiated project, which we created 80mm x 50mm little cards. A 'littlecard' is mainly used for writing and giving away to make someone's day! They are no longer for sale, but we still have lots to give away if you ask!

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